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What is CBD?

CBD –The Miracle Cannabis Compound.

The green rush is occurring world-wide and the demand for Cannabidiol (CBD) is on the rise. CBD first got attention after this unique plant chemical stopped an epileptic seizure on U.S. national television. Soon after this, researchers and chemists have come to uncover the vast medical benefits of this miracle compound. It became known through research that CBD can stop spasms, reduce inflammation, calm anxiety, and soothe patients in chronic pain.

  We as CBD Biotechnologies (Pty) Ltd would like to help our customers become more familiar with cannabidiol and to develop an understanding of this miracle organic chemical compound.


I have suffered with neck pain for over 6 years now. After trying everything I was beginning to lose hope. I came across the amazing TOPICAL PAIN RELIEF CREAM and I have not looked back. Yes it is expensive but you really need a very little and it lasts for ages. I am still using my cream from 2 months ago and I apply it to my neck at least 3 times a day. 


I love the fact that if I wake up in the middle of the night I can put a drop under my tongue and fall asleep within 30minutes and wake up with absolutely no hangover! Your sleep oil has honestly changed my life. 


My wife Nicky and I really appreciated your time and explanations at the Expo. Nicky has started  using your 3000mg CBD oil and is very pleased with it. Now my daughter and I are using it too. Thank you for your extremely helpful advice. 


I cannot believe how amazing the Sleep oil is. One single drop and I can sleep for 6-7 hours. Thank you CBD Biotechnologies for changing my life. 


I suffer from extremely bad period pains and have heard about CBD helping with the pain relief. I was very hesitant to try but a friend gave me a sample of hers and I could not believe that within 20minutes my pain had completely subsided. 


I have started giving my 7 year old child the entry level CBD (300mg) As she has been diagnosed with ADHD. Being very against chemical medicine I decided to explore the natural root. My daughter has now been taking the oil every morning in a cup of hot lemon water for the past month. The teachers have been blown away with the results.